6114 N. Hermitage Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60660


$15 per visit, (discounts available
for 4-5 walks per week)
$3 each additional dog
$18 per visit if 1dog & 1 cat
$18 per visit if only 2x day (dog)

$15 per visit, for 1-2 cats
$2 each additional cat

Other animals:

 $15 minimum per visit

Housechecking Only:

$15 + additional fee for
over 20 plants

Vet Visit Only:
$25 per hour 

Fluids/Insulin Admin.:
$3 per visit in addition to
visit charge

Normal Route Hours:
Service visits occur between 7:00am and 7:00pm (last visits scheduled for 7:00pm). 

All times are approximate and are based on the pet sitter’s route.

Early/Late Visits:
Surcharge for visits made
earlier or later than normal
route hours = $5/visit

Last Minute:
Surcharge for reservations made with 4 or fewer days notice
AND 7 or fewer days for new clients = $15 per reservation

Surcharge for out-of-service-area locations = $5.00 (+) per visit

Errand Fee:
$7.00 within service area
(includes key, food and medicine pick-up/drop-off); $12 outside
of service area.

Every Other Day Visit:

$5 surcharge per visit

Extra Time:
$5 per 15 minute increment

Cancellation Fee:
50% of total booking for vacations; total daily charge if canceled within 24 hours.

Holiday Rates:
Time + ½
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